We are currently reviewing suitable property rental scripts.

Unfortunately, the script we had found was not suitable, due to a Google Maps API problem:

For these reasons, this script was not 100% suitable for us.

Another thing was the “beds”. When renting out a property, 99% of the time, there are more than 1 beds in the property. Even if you rent a hotel room, there are often more than 1 beds in there. This script did not allow for this and hopefully with the next update, this will be managed better and allow multiple bedrooms and their furniture / beds.

If this script is updated and all our points above fixed, it would be perfect. Here is hoping it is updated soon and made secure.

If you develop a property rental script that would suit our needs:

If you know of this kind of script, please let us know: Email: info (at) caravanlettings (dot) com.